Thursday, 24 August 2017

Game of War: Hero 85 and Rally

What's going on guys Game Freak Fred 87. today I'll kind of want to go ahead and try to get to hero 85 I was kind of assisting on trying to go ahead and go for it because I know him she's about to release something and I kind of wanted to bundle it up you know just to kind of get ahead of the game but I see everybody burning everybody you know if your hero 84 and of your burning people. So I say you know what I'm missing out let me go ahead and just you know get it now and then whatever comes out comes out and I'll get it when I get it so I think I might have enough for hero 84 at least I'm not quite sure yet so let's see real quick damn it.
Shoulda just in the bigger one 500 trillion XP instead of having to scroll back and down get cool three family three 1284 okay yeah okay cool I have enough Wow okay cool finally eighty-five Jesus okay this is actually a big big game changer if you guys haven't already witnessed you've probably been burned some of you might have been zeroed already by a hero 85 or you know you might have already kept somebody hero 85 so here it is burning it is becoming popular right now I mean there's people that are 80 trillion 100 trillion are getting burnt now the way you don't burn is you have to have at least four point seven trillion t4s to you know mixed obviously to to cap here.
Ellis I tried a couple hits I was 54 trillion on my old setup as far as Ural is goes and man it was it was nasty bad bad bad the hits were like to 2.7 trillion each and I took a good guy took a couple I mean I went I got dropped down to like 47 managed to train a little bit today and I got back up to 48. I was you know obviously work on the setup so I just going to take a while but it's alright I like being you know set on and burnt every now and then so it is what it is as far as the game keeps the game more interesting for me it might not be something for you but it is for me so this being said you know I managed to get to hero 85 so let me let me end the recording for this part of the recording here and let me try to see if I can find a target so I can record and show you guys right back. 
all right so I managed to find somebody else to to to rally around somebody else I wasn't able to record it and I didn't record the first hit on this one either the first it was man just a beautiful a beautiful hit it was three hundred and twenty two billion hit yeah man how big was this guy 13 or 18 trillion I can't remember.
anyways let's see let me see if I can get another one we foyer either a shields or whatever caps me I like I said man hero eighty-five it's a big game-changer like I said most of you guys already.  Know you guys have a couple guys around your kingdom that already have it and they're pretty much you know just slaughtering people let them write so they are launched in Pegasus obviously to make it faster and let's speed it up a little bit just for laughs. 
He might cat me I mean he's already not he's already on he's boosted so we'll see oh wow nope nut today damn it's still good he knows not 322 like this one but it's still a good good gone you know Kingdom vs. Kingdom points why this pretty pretty good hit so anyways guys. Just want to kind of bring this up to you guys and show you guys the that you know my new setup we're not set up on my new updates so if you haven't subscribed please go ahead and do so I uh you know. 
I upload a lot I try to livestream a lot and if you ever need help with anything your setup wise I'm here to help you out that that bottom left tech storage oh you got a war that's my line ID on the bottom left corner there if you guys want to add me online and you know if you need help I can gladly try to assist you also guys I will really appreciate it if you guys can kind of help me get this video up to a thousand likes I would really really appreciate it and obviously keeps me motivated to kind of keep making these videos for you guys  you know to teach. 
You guys some of some secrets and some some stuff I can't say but you know I'm willing to save depends  on on on the reaction I get from the videos so that being said guys that being said guys thank you so much for the support thank you for watching my videos.

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